• Virtual Assistant 
Think of all the opportunities missed by not having time to keep up with clients, calls not returned, emails not written, just because you are out on the road, too busy doing the job you love. I can help you to maintain contact with your clients. I can take the calls for you, reply to emails. Send information on your behalf and write the copy in a timely and professional manner.

Tax and VAT returns completed along with simple book-keeping and credit control.

  • Appointment making service

Not everyone enjoys picking up the telephone and persuading complete strangers to "allow us half an hour" - fortunately, I do. Alternatively, your sales people may be more effectively used making presentations and doing the travel and preparation that involves - in which case why not employ a specialist to keep them even busier?

  • Business development service

Developing and managing your contacts becomes increasingly complex as the years roll by and when business is booming you become the victim of your own success - too busy to plan the next stage of development and haunted by the knowledge that good contacts are not being properly followed up on a regular basis. Ask me about a tailor made solution.

  •  List cleaning service

Update years of collected data including names, addresses, jobholders, telephone numbers, job titles and changing Company names.

  •  Follow-up to mail shot

Even the best designed advertisement or mailshot doesn't hear what your customers say when they look at it. Why not select all or a proportion for follow-up to identify both current and future requirements? Maybe you have another product or service that they have an interest in?

  •  Introduction of goods/services

You may feel the timing is right to embark on a general awareness campaign, maybe linked to appointments or a more comprehensive development programme.

  •  International markets

Clients' needs often extend beyond the UK shores and with this in mind I am able to offer flexible hours of work to match time zones.

  •  Special survey commissioned by yourself

There is a time in the life of every business when answers are needed to very specific questions - but only you know what these are likely to be! However, I am adept in finding out the answers and will provide an overview summary too.

  •  Telephone skills training

Why not train your staff to be more like me! I offer Telemarketing and Customer Care courses for both sales and administration personnel. Each course is tailor made to your requirements.

  •  Contact Lists

To maximise the efficiency of all direct marketing activity, a tailor-made contact list with selected criteria for your campaign will ensure minimum wastage of calls or brochures. Whether you require a small list to conduct your in-house telesales, a comprehensive list to support on-going telemarketing or a list for a mailing campaign, I have extensive experience in providing the most cost effective solutions.

  • Customer Service provision and consultancy

Good Customer Service can be the route to new sales and to greater customer retention. Using my service to provide a virtual back office and enhanced customer service provision will help you to retain hard won clients and introduce new clients to your service.