What is Telemarketing?

Generally it means the introduction over the telephone of your goods or services.

However, the range of applications and projects varies considerably.

Benefits of Telemarketing

• The benefits linger longer - which ever of the main services you choose, information gathered will lead to a list of call-backs for your diary over the next 12 months, so the input is in evidence for quite some time beyond the initial period of engagement.

• Accelerates development - external telemarketing not only accelerates your business growth, it can also respond flexibly to your changing needs at different times of the year.

• Makes your Company seem bigger - pitching for the larger contracts is always competitive. What better way to profile yourself as a company of reasonable size than by the initial contact coming from another "member of the team".

• Immediate feedback - trends, competitive information and clients changing requirements are a valuable bi-product of your project.

• Reduces your work load - and allows you and your team to focus on the brightest opportunities.

• Preserves your time for your specialist skills - clients in professional and creative spheres especially welcome this aspect.