10 Top Tips for Telemarketing

Carried out effectively telephone marketing can either compliment or minimise the expense of an on the road sales person whilst generating commitment, appointments, information and goodwill.

Whilst training and experience are invaluable, common sense, courtesy and adherence to basic guidelines will undoubtedly bring rewards.

So to get started:

1. Decide what you want to gain from each call - information or an appointment?

2. Plan your call accordingly: have to hand a list of key companies for whom your company has worked, as well as the range of benefits of the service or product in question.

3. Work with a tidy desk and don't sip tea during calls - your swallow can be heard!

4. Make a clear introduction, including your name and the company name.

5. Ask open-ended questions, the ones beginning, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, HOW, WHERE, WHO.

6. Give the person time to answer and don't feel tempted to fill silences with more words.

7. Match your most relevant area of service/type or product to the type and size of company your are calling --no-one is interested in everything you do.

8. Listen for buying signals, very often not what is said but what is not said ... "not interested at the moment" ...."Not looking for quite that type of product" ... "not the person dealing with it" .... Dealing with what? What type of product would they like? And when will they be interested?

9. Listen all the time, not interrupting and at the end of the call summarise agreed action to the potential customer.

10. Try to match your voice and enthusiasm to the other person; generally speaking it doesn't impress to either underwhelm or overwhelm!